This is a portal page of A1 CLUB for overseas readers. A1 CLUB was established in Oct.1998 in Japan and now we have over 3700 members as of April.2021 and still growing. JO1ZZZ is the headquater club station located in Tokyo Japan. A1 CLUB is a community group who loves CW communication. Just join us if you love CW. Membership is free. No charge, no obligation is asked for the members. For further info, refer to


The YEAR KEY 2022 "Tora=Tiger"

We are pleased to announce that A1CLUB will take order for the YEAR KEY 2022 "Tora" (Tiger) from this weekend. Refer to for detailes.


The 6th A1CLUB Straight Key Contest will be held on 2021-10-31

The 6th A1CLUB Straight Key Contest will be held on Sunday, October 31, 2021. Host : A1 CLUB Date/Time: 31 October 2021 / 0600-1200 UTC Pre-qualification: CW Licensed Radio Amateur Station. Single Operator Only. BANDS: 3.5 & 7MHz Suggested Frequency : 3.510-3.530MHz / 7.010-7.040MHz MODE: CW(A1A) CQ calling : CQ A1 TEST For details please refer to


The 20th A1 CLUB QSO PARTY 2021

We are pleased to announce that the A1CLUB on-the-air event called "A1 Club QSO Party" or "A1PTY" will be held in May, 2021. For the details, please refer to the following URL. A1PTY is not a contest to compete. It is an event to activate our QRV and encourage other CWers to come to CW CHAT. Not for exchanging contest numbers, but for communicating each other on CW relating topics.


8N1MORSE is a special amateur radio station for promoting the Morse Communication activities in 2021 with commemoration of the 230th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Morse, the 120th anniversary of the Guglielmo Marconi’s 1st successful transatlantic radio communication by Morse Code, etc. This station is valid from 2021-4-12 to 2022-2-28 and will be operated by members of A1 Club and Denpaken Club -Employee Social Club of NICT(National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) with support of CQ Publishing Co.,Ltd. Please refer to the Offical website at for further information


A1CLUB English Mailing List

Since February 2021, the A1 CLUB English mailing List (A1eML) is available. This mailing list is aimed for sharing the information and improving communication between members in worldwide by using English as a Lingua franca-common language.