This is a portal page of A1 CLUB for overseas readers. A1 CLUB was established in Oct.1998 in Japan and now we have over 3700 members as of April.2021 and still growing. JO1ZZZ is the headquater club station located in Tokyo Japan. A1 CLUB is a community group who loves CW communication. Just join us if you love CW. Membership is free. No charge, no obligation is asked for the members. For further info, refer to



A1 Club is pleased to announce the A1 Club QSO Party, which is open to all radio amateurs world-wide and which aims to encourage the use of and excellence in Morse code.

TheEvent: The A1 Club QSO Party. Participants may call CQ A1 PTY. This is an operating event, not a contest.

Date & time:From 2011-4-30 15:00Z to 2011-5-31 15:00Z, for 1 month.

Object:To enjoy CW communication as much as possible on all amateur bands.

Exchange: Normal QSO style.

Refer to the details in the following page;