This is a portal page of A1 CLUB for overseas readers. A1 CLUB was established in Oct.1998 in Japan and now we have over 3700 members as of April.2021 and still growing. JO1ZZZ is the headquater club station located in Tokyo Japan. A1 CLUB is a community group who loves CW communication. Just join us if you love CW. Membership is free. No charge, no obligation is asked for the members. For further info, refer to


Meaning of A1 Club Seal

Meaning of A1 Club Seal is explained HERE.
Japanese pronunciation of A1 CLUB is ei-wan ku-ra-bu.
Homophone Kanji-character for ei-wan ku-ra-bu is selected by Hiro, JA1HHF.
He selected Kanji-character carefully including profound meaning.
He said that CW enthusiasts gathered in our club have various talents on CW operation,
Someone runs Morsecode very fast by his sharp arm, and someone play Morsecode leisurely like a dancing spiral shell.


The 12th Let's A1 Contest 2010 Rule

The 12th Let's A1 Contest will be held 31st of October, 2010.
Please refer to the following rule page for details;


Tokyo Hamfair 2010

Tokyo Hamfair 2010 will be held on upcoming weekend, August 21 and 22.
A1 Club presents booth at booth #C-056.
Please refer to following page for details of our exhibition:

As to details of our project this year, refer to following page:

As to general info about the hamfair, please refer to JARL Web:


2010 A1 Club QSO Party

A1 CLUB QSO PARTY will be held from 1st to 31st May, 2010 for one month.
This event is open to all radio amateurs wolrd-wide and which aims to encourage the use of and excellence in Morse Code.
For details, refer to-->


On the Air Meeting (OAM)

A1 CLUB helds regular on the air meeting (OAM) every Saturday morning (usually from 7AM Japan time or 22:00UTC) on 7025KHz +/-QRM.
DX members are also welcome to check in.
Detailed schedule and check-in resuts are reported on A1-Forum thread by the control station.
A1-Forum Thread for OAM
User ID = 599, Password= 599